Centers for Independence

MCFI Home Care is an affiliate program of Centers for Independence (CFI).  For more than 80 years, Centers for Independence has strengthened communities by helping people advance their total health. CFI is dedicated to assisting people of all abilities achieve their fullest level of independence through a supportive environment that fosters hope. CFI’s unmatched breadth of services and resources allows others to find value in themselves and see a path forward.

CFI is a nationally recognized leader in self-directed long-term care services. CFI represents the integration of health care and social services. CFI’s commitment to total health with a trauma-informed care approach, results in a framework of wellness that improves lives, families and communities.

Our Mission
Partnering with people of all abilities to advance their total health.

Our Vision
Healthy and hopeful communities.

Our Values
Our values represent the beliefs that guide our behaviors and actions in the way we learn, teach and collaborate in helping others advance their total health.

Understanding PEOPLE
We value and appreciate individual differences. To best serve those we help, we are committed to understanding the whole person and the practical realities that impact their lives. By actively listening to their social and economic needs, we are able to establish an understanding of their unique needs and make everyone feel welcomed and supported.

We believe informing, encouraging and supporting others is essential to helping them achieve their goals. We are curious, asking WHY and oftentimes challenging HOW things are done in order to continuously improve and create new opportunities. We recognize and celebrate every success.

Success depends on constructive dialogue and effective collaboration skills. We listen and evolve together, working with internal and external resources that best help individuals, families, partners and coworkers achieve goals.

You can always trust us to:

  • Treat you with empathy and respect
  • Listen to you with purpose
  • Act in your best interest
  • Advance knowledge and champion innovation
  • Recognize, celebrate and share in your success
  • Welcome your unique strengths, backgrounds and challenges
  • Engage you in planning and decision-making
  • Foster partnerships to achieve outcomes

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